The Best Tips on Neopoints


Neopoint is now the most viable method of making money. So you are new and confused where to start and don’t have any idea what Neopoints is? For the best tips on neopoints visit This is the right page because am going to explain in details what Neopoints is.


Multiplayer games

boyNeopoint is massively multiplayer games that are found on the website. Unlike other games on the internet, Neopoints are in 3D, and they are playing self-contained puzzle kind of games. A brief history of how Neopoints, two college students in 1999 from Britain started it. Soon after they founded it, they did not have the funds to make it grow so the current CEO, Dong Dohring bought it and made it to what it is right now a commercial site that has over 30million members all over the world.


Listed below is pretty much what you have to do to make Neopoints, all you have to do is go through and find something that worth for you. If you don’t find something that’s excites you try something new that you’re comfortable with to make those figures in the bank grow because you will find Neopets experience exciting.


Maybe the easy way of earning Neopoints is by playing games.Earning Neopoints works when you score in a game the ratio that it’s given to gain a Neopoint. For example, let’s say a game that has 13.89, this means you need to get those points to get 1 Neopoint. For every single game, you play you gain as much as 2000 Neopoints. Always check the ration before starting to play any game.


Restocking is where you buy goods and then resell them, but you don’t sell them to the amount you purchased the goods for but more to make a profit. In one resell you can make a lot of money that’s why so many rich people say that their source of income is restocking to gain Neopoints.


There are so many contests to participate in at Neopoints. Just find something you can work with and you won’t have difficulties winning. Just turn your talent to Neopoints.

Shop wizard stalking

gamesShop wizard stalking means taking advantage of someone mistakes though it seems wrong and but it’s not that it’s against the rules. For example, someone can price an item incorrectly in their shops instead of 10000 but accidentally price at 1000 Neopoint. Even though this is not a reliable method of making Neopoints but nice uplift to your income in case you come across something like this.

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